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What is Attend My Class?

Attend My Class is an online portal allowing you to register for and access online material for all Kalamna Arabic - Newcastle's classes.

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If you're looking for classes run by Kalamna Arabic - Newcastle, please visit our classes page.

An account on the site will automatically be created for you when you register for a class, and you'll start receiving emails from Kalamna Arabic - Newcastle. Please ensure that you have white-listed email from @newcastle.kalamna.org


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If you have registered for a class already your account will already have been created using the email address you used in the registration. Please start by resetting your password.

Please note that sometimes emails sent from this system are caught by Anti-spam - please make sure that you have white-listed all email from @newcastle.kalamna.org

Is my data safe on Attend My Class?

All data is protected by multiple security measures, and data is managed in accordance with GDPR and registered under the ICO. If you have any data management requests, including the right to be forgotten, please email Kalamna Arabic - Newcastle.

Who Operates Attend My Class?

Attend My Class is the online portal of the Atten.dance system, a school management system developed by Atten.dance Ltd.

How do I get help for Attend My Class?

Please view all our FAQs and Documentation.

If you cannot find an answer there, your next port of call is Kalamna Arabic - Newcastle, who will either be able to answer your question, or direct you to the Atten.dance Support team.